December 11, 2023

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Joanna Paliospirou: what her doctor says about complications

Maria Kalofonou, head of the department of plastic surgery “Thriasio”, mentioned the complications that occurred during the last operation of Joanna Paliospira, who was doused with sulfuric acid by her rival in May 2020.

The medic spoke about her patient, who is actively fighting for her life and well-being. “Joanna shows courage, she does not give up. The more I live and operate on her, the more I understand that, in the end, she will emerge victorious. She wants it, she has stubbornness and the will to live. At the last operation, complications arose, an infection developed. But we managed everything. This is the 11th operation that Joanna has undergone. We continue to restore her health.”

As she mentioned in an interview with the RealNews newspaper, a complication that appeared a month after the surgery forced Joanna to return to the operating room for the 11th time to cope with the infection, writes

This the operation coincided with Joanna’s birthday, she posted a photo of herself from the hospital room and wrote on Instagram: “Spend my birthday in my “second home”. Many thanks to everyone for your wishes.”

In one or two months, Joanna will have another operation, while she will continue to wear a mask.

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