Holy Week: Missing vaccinations are “deactivated”

Greece will be back to (almost) normal by summer as, despite rising cases and hospitalizations, the government intends to “end” the pandemic in view of the summer season, starting with Holy Week.

It is expected that the cancellation of the “covid pass”, i.e. presenting a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of illness in order to visit a catering establishment will come from April 18 (Maundy Monday).

This will mean that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, will be able to enter the indoor halls of cafes, taverns and restaurants, as Professor Gikas Maiorkinis noted in an interview with SKAI.

As “manna from heaven” waiting for this decision, catering entrepreneurs who believe that the abolition of the vaccination pass and strict control will help them a lot and give them a “breathe”, writes newsbreak.gr.

Regarding the removal of the mandatory wearing of a mask indoors, Mr. Maiorkinis commented: “It will be canceled at some point, even before the summer. Logically, primarily in professional premises. Finally, wearing a mask will be canceled in urban public transport and some other places, such as supermarkets and shops. But she will definitely stay in hospitals, nursing homes.”

As for schools, we remind you that Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the cancellation of the mask there as well, while Gikas Majorkinis indicated: “There is a moderate chance that the use of the mask will be canceled after returning from the Easter holidays.”

According to experts and politicians, a mask and a vaccination certificate are the two measures that will be canceled first of all if pressure is put on the healthcare system.

However, there is a fear that everything will return “to normal” again from about October, as soon as the tourists leave.

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