The happiest countries in the world: where is Greece

Finland was named “the happiest country in the world” for the fifth year in a row in the ranking, with Lebanon and Afghanistan in the last places. Greece has climbed this year to 67th place in a list of about 150 countries from 68th (in 2021).

With a score of 7.82 out of 10, the Scandinavian country of 5.5 million is ahead of Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands as the top positions remain unchanged and are dominated by European countries, especially the Nordic states.

“The three countries that recorded the largest growth are Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. Lebanon, Venezuela and Afghanistan are further behind in the rankings,” the report says. World Happiness Report, an annual survey sponsored by the United Nations.

Thus, Lebanon, shaken by unrest and a severe economic crisis, falls to penultimate position with a score of 2.95, behind Zimbabwe and ahead of Afghanistan, which remains in last place this year with a score of 2.40.

The study, which has been published since 2012, primarily uses Gallup polls, which ask residents about their personal level of happiness, combined with GDP and scores on solidarity, personal freedom, and corruption to come up with an overall average score.

Germany and Canada are in 14th and 15th places this year, just ahead of the US (16th, +3 points), according to the official ranking of about 150 countries.

France is in 20th place (+1), “the highest since the survey” and the UK is in 17th place, the same as last year.

Brazil is 38th (-3), Japan is 54th (+2) and Russia is 80th (-4) in this year’s version of the ranking, which was compiled before the invasion of Ukraine.

China moved up 12 positions to 72nd, while India remained at the bottom of the rankings (136th) but moved up 3 positions.

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