The cry of despair of a 47-year-old disabled person

Another example of the social indifference of the electricity companies towards their citizen customers, who are faced with the proven serious problem of severely reducing their income. It shows the depth of their leadership’s fall.

In this particular case, we are talking about a resident of Greece, who has many serious health problems. The Greek, who was once an average citizen of the country, was thrown to the sidelines of life for health reasons and is unable to fulfill his financial obligations.

The company, instead of dealing with the problem, solving it sensitively and rationally, taking into account real facts, treats a person as “another rogue”. Well, like, he’s not that unhappy yet.

The story of a 47-year-old disabled person

The publication told the story of a 47-year-old resident of Heraklion. He lives with his wife on the grounds of the city’s university hospital. Previously, the man worked as a truck driver, lived a calm and dignified life, but then one disease after another knocked on his door. In particular, he suffers from an aneurysm of the ascending aorta, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which causes sleep apnea. So he is forced to sleep with a bipap machine that keeps him breathing while receiving special medication every day.

The aforementioned serious health problems he is facing led him to make the difficult and sad decision to quit his job. So for a while he worked in scrap metal. However, now he can no longer do this work, as he must be near the medical equipment that keeps him alive.

Today he lives on a disability pension, which is absolutely not enough to cover at least the basic household needs of himself and his wife, who also climbs her Calvary, carrying a very heavy cross.

The sick couple is often accompanied by three underage girls, elementary school students, daughters of their son, whose future can hardly be called cheerful either. The girls sometimes help Grandpa collect medicinal herbs, which he sells for a living.

Dangerous to be without electricity

A 47-year-old man faces daily power outages as he is unable to pay his 2,500 euro bill. New debts accumulate in each new account, and he has to constantly negotiate in order not to be left without light.

At the same time, each time the electricity supplier informs him that there is a risk of shutdown. Electricity bills are rising from month to month, and the man was looking for many ways to pay off debts. He knocked on the door, asked for alms, but, unfortunately, they did not hear him. He turned to the electricity company for a recalculation so that he could somehow pay the bill.

Thus, with exorbitant amounts and expenses due to the energy crisis, in each new bill he loses the opportunity to receive discounts and installments. At the beginning of the year, the man received a subsidy of 192 euros / 4 months, which, however, is a drop in the ocean for him and his family.

In fact, there are many such stories to tell. Recall, for example, grandmothers who are not paid pensions and are arrested for selling penny slippers or fruits from their garden. But now the question is different. Question in current societywhich, despite the laws declaring solidarity of the state with the peoplecompletely lost this fundamental criterion.

Indeed, every year after the fall of the USSR, the working and socially unprotected inhabitants of the country lose their rights and gains, which the left parties literally knocked out from the ruling class. From the moment the country collapsed, which pursued a not entirely successful economic policy, but nevertheless forced the ruling class of capitalist society to make concessions and share with the working people.

Now there is no such “scarecrow”, and the capitalists began to return the situation to the so-called at times. “wild capitalism”, when a competitive society prevails over a solidary one, more and more dividing the people into classes.

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