Subsidy for new electrical appliances: when will the platform open

The start of the application process for those who intend to replace old appliances with new ones, as well as when the subsidy platform will open, is reported by the Greek media.

It is not long before the opening of the platform, where, according to the statement of the Greek authorities, subsidizing the exchange of old electrical appliances for new ones will be carried out. Beneficiaries will be able to replace up to three old devices with government support.


  • The removed device, which is to be replaced (will be disposed of), must work.
  • The amount of the subsidy for the 200,000 households that will be allowed to participate in the program will reach 100 million euros.
  • The discount ranges from 30% to 50%.
  • If the number of applications exceeds 200,000, economic and social criteria will be included (harder screening).
  • The platform is expected to open in April, with the government aiming to start the process before Easter.

Which devices need to be replaced:

  1. Refrigerators.
  2. Freezers.
  3. Conditioners.

Which devices are not subsidized:

  • Electric stoves.
  • Washing machines.
  • Dishwashers.

How to apply?

The application can be submitted electronically on the platform, the entrance to which will be carried out using the codes of the tax service Taxisnet.

The Minister of Environment and Energy emphasized: “When the electronic platform is opened, the interested person will be able either independently, or by contacting an accountant for help, or to a store where he will purchase new equipment, fill out an application and indicate which devices he wants to replace, as well as your AFM tax number.

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