The fourth week of the war has gone

For three weeks, hostilities have continued in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. Shells, mines and bombs do not choose where to fall – civilians, cultural and educational institutions, hospitals and schools are under fire.

At the same time, each time the parties blame each other for the tragedy.

In Chernihiv, about 140 kilometers north of Kyiv, at least ten people were killed in shelling while queuing for bread. CNNreferring to the National Public Television and Radio Company and the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine:

“At 10:00 local time, Russian Armed Forces fired at people standing in line for bread near a grocery store in Chernihiv. According to preliminary data, 10 civilians were killed.”

The US Embassy in Kyiv commented on the situation:

“Today, Russian security forces killed 10 people who were standing in line for bread in Chernihiv. Such horrific attacks must stop. We are considering all available options to ensure accountability for any atrocities committed in Ukraine.”

Chernihiv has been surrounded for several days now, bombs are also hitting residential buildings. Since last Saturday, there has been no electricity, gas, water or heating in the city, they say in the regional administration.

Yesterday afternoon, the target of the bombing was the Drama Theatre, where the civilians of the besieged Mariupol took refuge. According to the vice-mayor of the city, during the attack there were from 1,000 to 1,200 people, the number of victims is still unknown, writes Strana. CNN notes:

“Russian forces deliberately and cynically destroyed a theater in the center of Mariupol. Satellite images clearly show the image of the inscription “CHILDREN” on both sides of the building, it is impossible not to see it from the air.”

The Russian Defense Ministry denies that Russian jets targeted the theater where civilians had taken refuge, Reuters reported, citing Russian news agency RIA.

Today, people’s deputy Serhiy Taruta said that the bomb shelter under the Drama Theater in Mariupol withstood an airstrike, the rubble began to be dismantled and the surviving people were already leaving, writes “The country”.

The mayor of Mariupol, Serhiy Orlov, tells Forbes Ukraine that the city is 80-90% destroyed – there is not a single building without damage, and it will no longer be possible to start industrial enterprises:

“I believe that 80-90% have been bombed. There is not a single building without damage. Either destroyed or damaged. Nothing works. Everything is worth it. It is no longer possible to start all this. Azovstal has been bombed. Completely. There were a lot of air raids on ” Azovstal”.

Assessing death toll on March 13 at 2358 people, the mayor explained that these are only those whose bodies were on the street. At the same time, there are still people under the rubble, so the number of dead “can be safely multiplied by 1.5-2.”

Kyiv is preparing for the siege. Fighting is underway on the outskirts of the capital, and a curfew was introduced in the city over the past day, until 7 am Thursday. On Wednesday morning, a 12-story residential building collapsed in the Shevchenkovsky district – according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, fragments of a shell hit it.

Meanwhile, according to the Financial Times, citing sources, Moscow and Kyiv have achieved significant success in the negotiations. Today, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak said in an interview with WP Wiadomości that the coordination of controversial issues in negotiations with Russia to conclude a peace agreement could take from several days to a week and a half, and then preparations would begin for a possible meeting between the presidents of Ukraine and Russia, writes “European Truth”. Regarding future relations with the Russian Federation after the conclusion of the peace agreement, Podolyak noted that it would be impossible to return to the past and talk about “fraternal peoples”:

“The bridges are blown. We will create a strong border and treat Russia as coldly as the country that invaded our home to kill us deserves.”

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