Shock: the price of souvlaki jumped sharply

The scale of the rapid rise in prices in all aspects of our daily economic life is now truly dramatic.

The “tsunami” of inflation hit the fast food of Thessaloniki. Barbecue and psitopolio (souvlach) houses, one after another, are forced to raise prices for their products. The famous city eateries that sell souvlaki (gyros) in some have set the price at 4 euros!

It is characteristic that in psitopolio, located in the eastern part of Thessaloniki, gyros are already sold for 4.30 euros. City fast food owners talk about a “food war” that runs parallel to the situation in Ukraine, writes

Add to this the high energy costs of companies that are now demanding significant support from the state (otherwise it is possible that many enterprises will simply be forced to close), while hundreds of employees will lose their jobs.

“It is possible that in a week we will see souvlaki at a price of 4.5 euros!”, says the entrepreneur.

Why the prices jumped sharply, business owners explain: “When the price of sunflower oil reached 3 euros per liter (despite the fact that we bought it at 0.73 euros), what do you want us to do?”

They also note that they literally do not know what will happen next, as the events of the war and the energy crisis affect the supply chain, as a result of which suppliers are “surprised” almost every week in terms of the availability of raw materials and increasing their purchase prices (oil, meat, cakes).

“When the cost of souvlaki is between 4.30 and 4.5 euros, it is not possible to sell it for 4 euros,” the message says. In addition, rental prices have also increased.

In general, it will be necessary to tighten the belts more tightly.

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