February 3, 2023

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Mitsotakis: support “measures measured by the measure of reality”

Following the current trend of “sloppy chic” in the style of Zelensky and Macron, unshaven and in home clothes, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Wednesday afternoon a 1.1 billion euro support package to help the poor, farmers and small businesses, strongly affected by the sharp rise in energy prices.

According to the Greek Prime Minister, these measures will support 3,200,000 low-income families, as well as members of the middle class with an annual income of up to 30,000 euros. Miserly (for everyone except himself) Mitsotakis, who would rather not spend even a cent for the good of society, became almost a poet, and ranted for a long time saying “measures measured by the measure of reality.”

He said that the measures would concern all manifestations of price increases. They will support the income of low-income workers and retirees with an emergency subsidy, families with children, and a generous subsidy to pay their energy bills.” (Ice cream for kids, flowers for women—or is that from another movie?)

The premier added that they partially offset the increase in fuel prices by covering 180 liters of fuel for vehicles. “There will also be special provisions for farmers and small businesses, which have been particularly affected by higher energy prices,” the prime minister announced.

In fact, he said little about the measures, other than that there will be support measures. However, he said finance, agriculture and energy ministers would announce details of a three-month support package at 8:30 am Thursday.
As it usually happens in Greece, first comes the statement of the ministers or the prime minister, after which, frightened by the unexpected work that has fallen on them, officials begin to frantically rush about in order to understand what they want from them, and then the instruction comes out crookedly and askew, which is later put in order and sometimes she even starts working. The situation is the same on the government site, where usually no feature starts working by the time it is announced.

While the media is reporting a €52 electricity subsidy and €250 to €300 help for the poor, Greeks on social media are talking about “charity” that will do little to help rising prices for energy and essential goods, since the bills that come to the inhabitants of the country are already calculated in 3 or even 4-digit figures.

The Prime Minister addressed the nation for the first time in home clothes and unshaven from his house, sitting on a chair. He has been in quarantine since Monday, when he tested positive for Covid-19. (By the way, all of Greece is wondering who he got infected from).

Many Greeks comment on the appearance of Mitsotakis, and the hashtag #Μακρόν , of course, in trend. For some reason, Zelensky was not touched. Probably sorry?

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