March 31, 2023

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Greek hoteliers offer rooms for the British from 6 euros per night

It seems that the Greek budget hotel owners have panicked because of the war in Ukraine and have sharply reduced prices in anticipation of the start of the season. However, some consider this a cunning marketing ploy, the fact is that …

According to website research travel.grin at least 7 popular Greek destinations, the British tour operator First Choice fixes prices from 6 to 10 euros per night in 2- and 3-star hotels.

These apartments are located in Rhodes, Kos, Corfu, Thassos, Zakynthos, Skiathos and Kefalonia. Rates are per night only for a specific date in May, other consecutive days may be selected with a different rate for a longer stay.

It is clear that these prices will rise sharply during the peak season, as, for example, it was in 2021. However, the low prices offered by low-end hotel owners reflect their efforts to resist the prices that the Turks put on the market, counting on the fall of the neighboring country’s currency.

It is significant that 25 hotel rooms in the above areas of Greece and 11 hotels in Turkey are in this price zone, while no cases of Spanish hotels are registered, and 2 out of 11 hotels in Turkey are categorized as 4-star hotels.

Spanish hoteliers have also turned their attention to the initiatives of fellow competitors in Turkey, according to a report from the Office of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Greek Embassy in Madrid. In fact, this is attributed to Turkey’s efforts to attract more European tourists, since, despite positive expectations, they remain skeptical about traffic from the Russian market.

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