Bild: Ukrainian woman was raped by a Syrian and an Iraqi with Ukrainian passports

On March 6, a young woman was raped on a former floating hotel, the Oscar Wilde, which had been converted into a refugee shelter. How informs German newspaper Bild, the victim was an 18-year-old Ukrainian woman. According to the investigation, two men took turns using her body – first an Iraqi (37 years old), and then a Nigerian (26 years old).

However, both perpetrators also had Ukrainian citizenship and stubbornly called themselves Ukrainian refugees. The police launched an investigation under the article “Suspicion of rape.” Among other things, it remains to be seen how both rape suspects were able to obtain Ukrainian passports.

At the time of the crime, there were 25 refugees on board the Oscar Wilde. Both suspects are now in pre-trial detention. The Düsseldorf prosecutor’s office confirms the conduct of investigative actions.

Politicians are shocked and outraged. The deputy head of the CDU faction in the Bundestag, Andrea Lindholz, told the Bild Zeitung this way: “The police authorities are simply obliged to take control of refugee shelters with a specific goal: to protect Ukrainian women. The case in Düsseldorf obliges us to take immediate action.”

Heiko Teggaz, head of the federal German police union, told us in an interview: “Politicians must immediately do everything possible to ensure that such terrible stories as rape on board this floating hotel in Düsseldorf do not become more frequent. Severe and speedy punishment with the immediate expulsion of rapists back [на Украину] is the only language such criminals understand.”

PS Send to Ukraine and immediately to the army, since they are citizens. This will be their worst punishment.

PPS According to the information available in the editorial office, price a legal passport of Ukraine is from 500 to 1500 euros. So, it is quite possible that he is actually Ukrainians.

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