23-year-old man beat his grandmother to death over a glass of water

A 23-year-old man beat his grandmother to death for asking him for a glass of water in the middle of the night. It is reported that the man suffered from a serious mental illness and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the past.

According to local media, the murder took place around 4 am on Monday, when an 83-year-old woman asked her grandson for a glass of water. The young man went to the kitchen and then returned to the sofa where the grandmother was, and in a rage beat her to death.

He repeatedly beat the woman on the head, first with his fists and then with a metal object. Relatives of the family, as well as residents of the village of Chrysochori near Kavala (Northern Greece), told the media that “arguments between them were frequent and loud” and that the grandson had beaten his grandmother in the past.

The father of the perpetrator and the son of the victim told newsit.grthat on the night of the murder he had heard them arguing and that his son had asked the elderly woman to go to the bank and withdraw the €1,500 she had on deposit. “They were constantly arguing about money,” the father said, adding that his son had been hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic in the past and that he beat him too.

According to local media, the father also has mental health problems, and there is another child, a minor girl, who was taken away from home and lives in a boarding school. The mother left the family many years ago. Grandmother supported the family with her pension and also took care of them in terms of cooking, cleaning and other household chores.

It is reported that the perpetrator called the funeral service and said that his grandmother died after a fall in the house. The caretaker reported to the police, and the coroner found extensive injuries on the victim’s body.

The killer was arrested by the police, and a few hours later he confessed to the crime. In addition to a history of mental illness, the perpetrator had previously been arrested several times by police for drug-related offenses and theft.

“The attack was ‘expected’. We knew it would not end well,” local authorities told the state television and radio company. ERT Tuesday morning. (Waiting for this murder? Why didn’t anyone do anything? Editor’s note).

“From time to time, problems arose that required a police response, and we sent people from the Home Help social program several times, but they were refused by both the victim and the killer,” said Dimofenis Dalkaranis, head of the Chrysochori community.

Dalkaranis added that in the past couple of years, social services have taken the 23-year-old boy from home twice and placed him in a psychiatric hospital, but soon after that he was released home both times. The head of the community said that they advised the 80-year-old grandmother to move out of the house (did they have any better ideas?).

Criminal Lawyer criticized the “ringing silence” of those responsible for psychiatry, stating that his client has a confirmed mental illness and should have been in a psychiatric hospital many years ago. “There were about 40 complaints from neighbors” against the young man, the lawyer added.

Mental health issues are still taboo in Greece 2022, and public assistance often leaves a lot to be desired, as patients are left alone after hospitalization and in the care of families who have no idea how to deal with such problems.
The author of these lines happened to live in different parts of Athens, and people with mental problems lived almost everywhere nearby. Sometimes, especially at night, they screamed terribly … As I found out later, it was at a time when they forgot to give them sedative pills, or the guardians simply did not have the desire or money for this.

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