Greek tractor “plows” the seas

The only amphibious tractor in the world was created in Greece and crossed the southern part of the Gulf of Evian.

The slogan of an agricultural machinery recycling company based in Avlon is: “Let’s sail the seas.” In fact, what could be better than an advertisement for a tractor that independently “moves” across the sea, writes

Greek marine tractor

In place of the wheels, the amphibian has metal tanks that hold it on the surface of the sea, and at the back there is an additional transmission shaft that drives the propeller. The conversion time (back to the tractor, by swapping the wheels) is only ten minutes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t travel on soft sand on “tanks”.

To confirm its existence, the world’s only marine tractor had to wet the “wheels”. Riding along the beach of Orops, he managed to reach Eretria in less than half an hour, while the maximum speed that he was able to develop was 10 miles.

The project was a success, and the first amphibious tractor became a fact that brought the company’s motto to life. However, the project does not stop there, as there are plans for its tourist exploitation.

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