What changes are coming in EOPYY

All EOPYY insureds will soon have their own doctor as the DOH bill dramatically changes the way patients are treated free of charge.

The Ministry of Health leadership is pushing for sweeping changes to the primary health care bill, which is expected to be presented on Monday and voted on by mid-April, as directed by the Greek government.

The bill includes a number of changes for both EOPYY insured and cooperating physicians. ethnos.gr.

In particular, it is expected:

  • The EOPYY insured must select a personal physician (a list of available medical specialists will be compiled by area).
  • Private doctors, for their part, must declare their desire to enter into an agreement with EOPYY and provide services to the insured.
  • The doctors’ contract is expected to include a clause requiring them to work two shifts a month in public hospitals, should the need arise.
  • EOPYY doctors must provide services to public health units when they lack the necessary specialties (this is a provision for particularly remote areas).
  • EOPYY insureds will have to choose their personal physician among general practitioners (general practitioners) as well as pulmonologists.
  • Personal physicians will examine EOPYY patients free of charge and paid by the state.
  • Doctors will be responsible for dealing with the first health problems of the insured, as well as for their referral to the hospital.
  • In order for an EOPYY insured person to be admitted to a hospital, he must have a referral from a personal doctor, otherwise he will not be able to apply to the NSS and will be forced to go to a private hospital, paying all expenses out of his own pocket.
  • For visits to specialist doctors such as orthopaedists, dermatologists, etc., it is expected that EOPYY insured persons will not need a referral for a visit, as the original idea of ​​the Ministry of Health of absolute control of doctor visits was refuted after the negative reaction of union doctors.

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