Scandal in parliament "invisible" Correspondent of ERT in Moscow

A major scandal erupted in Greece over the fact that recently the country’s main state television channel ERT did not have a correspondent in Moscow, as a result of which public radio and television have no direct information from the Russian capital.

ERT vehemently denies that this happened, but the issue raised a lot of noise after SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Deputy Head of Digital Governance, Information and Communications Anastasia Gara posed the question to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, speaking of “a possible deception of public opinion under the responsibility of the management of the ERT.

Ms Gara points to the regression of the ERT administration, which she says has led to information confusion in the coverage of the war in Ukraine and raises critical questions.

In fact, referring to the public complaints of POSPERT and a longtime correspondent for public radio and television in the Russian capital, he asks the government representative the following questions:

  • Is it true that the so-called ERT correspondent in Moscow reported the news from Athens?
  • Is it true that throughout the entire contract he did not visit the Russian capital at all or only occasionally appeared?
  • Is it true that ERT SA pays an “invisible” correspondent a salary of more than 20,000 euros per year, while he himself is absent from the workplace?
  • In what professional relationship and in what capacity does this “correspondent” provide journalistic services to the Cypriot channel?
  • Has he received a parallel employment license from ERT?

Finally, Ms. Gara emphasizes that if the complaints are verified and confirmed, the resignation of the ERT management and the Chief Information Officer should be demanded as a minimum remedy for the fiasco that occurred under their responsibility.

Avgi published a corresponding video, where the host of the main issue introduced the journalist as a correspondent from Moscow.

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