Greek TV channel: "Hungry residents of Mariupol eat mice"

A video of a man chasing a guinea pig down the street became the basis of the plot of the Greek TV channel Star. According to journalists,residents of Mariupol, driven to despair by Putin, they catch mice because they have no other food“.

“Pictures that do not fit in the human mind. The man we see in our footage in the center of the bombed-out Mariupol is chasing this mouse to eat it. This is the only food available, ”the Star journalist comments in a tragic voice.

“Indeed, such pictures. Nobody expected that we would see them in Europe,” commented the news anchor. The same footage showed open. TV channels claim that the footage was distributed by the Associated Press in a report on the situation in Mariupol.

The plot caused horror among the townsfolk and Homeric laughter among those who know how to distinguish a rat from a guinea pig.

The TV channel was ridiculed on social networks:

  • “Ladies don’t know what city rats are!” Stefanos Damianidis writes on Twitter.
  • “Shame on them. Who do they turn to.”
  • “Where is the prosecutor? What about the fact that during the coronavirus period they voted for a special law so that fake news would not pass? Coronavirus does not exist, and the law is invalid?”
  • “The way trolls distort reality is… unbelievable. Of course they have to do with dumb people.”
  • “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry with these clowns anymore.”
  • “I spent several hours trying to calm my 80-year-old mother who saw this story. What they want to achieve, they have successfully achieved. Will a madam be held accountable for making a false statement that caused people psychological discomfort?
  • “They went beyond propaganda,” readers write in the comments.

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