Attention to owners of μπλε βεβαιωση with the date of submission of applications for the issuance of a residence permit until 31-12-2020.

Lawyer Svetlana Kasatkina, warns blue certificate holders (μπλε βεβαιωση) with the date of submission of applications for the issuance of a residence permit before 31-12-2020 G.

Check the date of issue of your blue certificates (μπλε βεβαίωση) for obtaining a residence permit so as not to remain illegal in Greece. This applies to all foreigners whose applications have not been considered for many years by the competent authorities of Greece (Prefectures or the Ministry of Migration).

In accordance with article 139 of law 4876/2021, pending applications for the issuance or extension of a residence permit, which have been filed in accordance with the provisions of law 4251/2014 and 106/2007, until December 31, 2020 G., accepted for renewal by way of derogation from any general or special provision, with an expiration date March 31, 2022 on or after this date within 1 month with a fine of 50 euros. Applications for the above residence permits are submitted exclusively electronically.

According to the clear wording of this provision, applications are accepted without a decision on a previous residence permit and the total time elapsed from the moment the application was submitted until March 31, 2022 is recognized as the time of legal residence in the country.

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