"Have prices increased? Take a small basket in the supermarket"advises the minister

Greek ministers living on “another planet” continue to give “useful advice to the population.” The new pearl was issued by the current Deputy Minister of the Interior, Stelios Petsas, who suggested taking it in a supermarket to save money. small shopping cart.

“We should take a small shopping basket from the supermarket and make a good shopping plan,” Deputy Interior Minister Stelios Petsas advised Greek consumers who apparently had no idea how to cope with their dwindling incomes eaten galloping inflation and continuing price increases.

Speaking on the air of the state TV channel ERT, Petsas offeredso that “we all carry a small basket in our hands when we shop at the supermarket.”

In case you didn’t understand, prices in supermarkets are not high. It’s the basket you’re holding, it’s a big one. So take the smaller one. It holds less, which means you will spend less money, if, of course, this food is enough for you to live.

Unfortunately, I again give characteristics that are in no way consistent with political correctness. But what if Mitsotakis government officials are once again giving advice that challenges citizens? Petsas’s words prove that the government has no plans to deal with rising prices, which is “plaguing” the country’s population. Especially after the prime minister’s words that “winter will end soon and we won’t need oil.”

Thank you dear Stelios, now we know for sure that at the moment the main problem of the people of Greece is not the price increase, which the government is doing NOTHING to combat, but the fact that consumers take a large basket when they go shopping in the supermarket .

Petsas is not the only wise guy among Mitsotakis government ministers

Remember how energy minister Kostas Skrekas advised the Greeks last month turn off the boiler and lightto cope with extreme electricity prices?

Then his colleague, Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skilakakis, said in an interview Parapolitika FM: “So if we cut taxes (on fuel), then the richest will benefit, and it will leave the poorest unprotected.”


However, what to expect from ministers or their deputies, when at the very peak of rising prices for utilities prime minister with a smart look declares that “Greece is a country with an amazing quality of life.”

The Greek virus apparently also infected some of the old people in Brussels, such as Joseph Borrell. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy called on European citizens turn off the heating to punish Vladimir Putin. Speaking to the European Parliament, Borrell said that EU depends on Russian gas, and the first thing we must do is to abolish this dependence.

The EU spends 700 million euros a day importing gas, oil and coal from Russia. Money that is intended not to improve the well-being of Russians, but to strengthen the Kremlin’s military machine.

He then urged all citizens of Europe to do their part in efforts to cut funding for Putin’s war in Ukraine by lowering the heating temperature in their homes and making “individual efforts” to reduce gas consumption.

I’m surprised he hasn’t proposed yet. get sick to spite Putinwhich makes perfect sense in this weather.

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