Vegetable oil – by coupons?

Many Spanish supermarkets have begun selling sunflower oil with coupons so that consumers cannot buy the product in advance, fearing a shortage due to the war in Ukraine.

“Due to the situation in Ukraine, we have problems with the supply of sunflower oil,” the expert says, adding that “this can be seen from the empty shelves of many Corte Inglés supermarkets in Madrid.”

“For this reason, it is only allowed to buy three liter bottles or a five-liter package per customer per day,” he continues, referring to an advertisement posted on the supermarket sales floor.

According to Asedas – the Spanish Association of Supermarket Suppliers – the restrictions became necessary as consumers “loaded on sunflower oil”, causing “abnormal demand” for the food item. Some consumers fear shortages because on Sunday, at the height of the war, Ukraine decided that the export of certain agricultural products, including sunflower oil, would henceforth be allowed with special permission from the authorities. The director of the National Association of Edible Oil Manufacturers (Anierac) assured that “at the moment there is no risk of a shortage.”

It is noted that Ukraine ranks first in the world in terms of production and export of sunflower oil. How this will be the case in Greece is not yet known. One thing is clear, that the habit of “stocking up products with a long shelf life” is in the blood of citizens if there is a “threat” potentially lurking somewhere nearby.

Recall that during the announced quarantine and the fear that supermarkets would close, people rushed to buy everything. And much of what was bought in a hurry had to be thrown away …

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