Majority of Greeks oppose sending military hardware to Ukraine, polls show

Most Greeks oppose sending military equipment to Ukraine, believing it would put Greece in a difficult position and worsen relations with Russia, two opinion polls show.

At the same time, Greeks sympathize with Ukraine, not Russia, a country with which Greece had historical and religious ties before it invaded Ukraine.

Recall that Greece was one of the first countries in Europe, which on February 27 sent to Ukraine military equipment along with humanitarian aid.

At the same time, the main cause of concern is rising prices, the opinion poll showed.

According to a survey conducted by ABACUS among 1026 people on behalf of Alpha TV March 2-8, 2022:

Regarding the supply of military equipment to Ukraine:

  • 62% of respondents say that this will complicate the situation for Greece,
  • 27% – what will help,
  • 9% said “neither yes nor no”
  • 3% said “I don’t know/didn’t answer”.

Will the war in Ukraine affect Greek-Turkish relations?

  • 53% of respondents believe that the war in Ukraine will benefit Turkey.
  • 29% say there could be a negative impact
  • 17% disagree
  • 3% say they don’t know.
Will Greek-Russian relations worsen?
  • 67% “Yes”
  • 22% “Maybe”
  • 10% “No”,
  • 1% “I don’t know.”

What is the most important issue right now?

  • 17% coronavirus,
  • 48% price increase,
  • 1% none of the above,
  • 33% both are equally important,
  • 1% None of them are important.

What will daily life be like in the next 12 months?

  • Worse than 59%
  • 25% the same
  • 13% better.
How should the government respond to rising prices?
  • 44% talk about reducing VAT on key products,
  • 32% talk about raising the minimum wage,
  • 5% on the restoration of social tariffs for electricity,
  • 4% on emergency allowance,
  • 9% about the limit on fuel and bread, 6% about the “other”.

In another survey conducted Politics:

  • 54% of respondents stated that they are against the sending of military equipment by Greece,
  • 46% – for.
  • 51% are on the side of Ukraine,
  • 34% do not support either side,
  • 15% support Russia.
  • 63% support sanctions against Russia.

The overwhelming majority (83%) are in favor of the decision to grant a 12-month residence and work permit to refugees from Ukraine.

Most respondents say they are in favor of Greece maintaining a neutral stance.

  • 53% believe that neutrality serves the interests of Greece.
  • 37% say Greece should support Ukraine,
  • 3% say she should side with Russia.

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