How the media and the West refused NATO responsibility for the Ukrainian conflict

In an editorial in the Greek edition Defensenetclosely connected with the military and intelligence of the country, “seditious”, from the point of view of Brussels, thoughts about the situation in Ukraine were voiced.

In war, the first casualty is always Truth, as it almost never serves any side, which usually constructs its own “truth”.

However, in order to identify a crisis, a conflict, as regards causes and responsibilities, both versions must be heard, which does not happen in the case of the Ukrainian crisis. Where the Russian side is hushed up, and NATO is praised daily, and it seems that time began its countdown from February 24, 2022, when the Russian military operation began.

Such a “before” on our planet, with due brainwashing by all the media, simply does not exist. Especially in Greece. The Greek media has made great propaganda efforts because most Greeks are Russophiles due to Orthodoxy.

Within hours, the government and the media destroyed what NATO has been doing for decades, trying to blame only Russia for what is happening in Ukraine.

The government is talking aboutfirst invasion of Europe since World War II”, forgetting that “humane” NATO 23 years ago bombed Yugoslavia, in fact Serbia, from which the West recently brazenly demanded to impose sanctions against Russia. Only 23 years since the Serbs were “razed to the ground” by NATO bombings.

Please tell me what sanctions were adopted then EU against the US? What sanctions were imposed on the UK and US when they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan without a UN mandate? The question is rhetorical because the answer to it is: NO.

NATO is not responsible for what is happening in Ukraine.”

What they say in US and EU about NATO’s “non-intervention” in Ukraine is a lie, since everyone knows the role played by the US Embassy in the overthrow of the Yanukovych government in 2014. Then the US Ambassador to Ukraine was Geoffrey Pyatt, who is now the US Ambassador to Greece. Even then, with Victoria Nuland, he was handing out cookies to the protesters …

The NATO Secretary General recently stated that “Since 2014, NATO has been equipping and training the Ukrainian army“. It should also be noted that the official part of the Ukrainian army are various Nazi battalions, such as Azov (refers to the National Guard of Ukraine), Right Sector, Aidar Battalion, etc., which even proudly took pictures with Nazi banners!

“There are no Nazis in Ukraine”

Let’s continue the topic of the “Order of Azov” and other neo-Nazi groups operating in Ukraine. In Greece, Western propaganda, represented by New Democracy MP D.Kairidis, says that “V.Zelensky is not a Nazi, because he is a Jew“.

Remind him that in 2010 in Ukraine, Nazi collaborators in World War II were recognized as heroes of the Ukrainian war for freedom, and in 2014 – with the support of the EU and NATO – neo-Nazi groups staged provocations, terrorist attacks and murders, and allowed the overthrow of the then legal elected government.

The leaders of these neo-Nazi groups shone in politics in subsequent years, during the Poroshenko presidency. They are held high positions in the government and power structures. In fact, until 2016, parties with extreme positions dominated the government. At the same time, in connection with the civil war in Donbass, the assault battalions organically joined the security forces and the army of the country.

“NATO is not a threat”

All of a sudden, everyone forgot what NATO did in Yugoslavia in 1999, they forgot what happened in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, as well as what happened for years in Cyprus, part of which is under occupation. NATO also did not disband after the collapse of the USSR, but expanded eastward, contrary to what the US and NATO promised in the 1990s. As for Ukraine, it wanted to acquire its own nuclear weapons, with the tacit indulgence of NATO.

It should also be noted here that biological laboratories were located in Ukraine, which were probably (the United States has already admitted this. Editor’s note) funded by the United States.

“NATO territories”

Another lie, and actually dangerous for our country (Greece), is the so-called “NATO territories”. A phrase that has been constantly heard lately in connection with the Russian military operation in Ukraine and is also adopted by the government of K. Mitsotakis.

There are no NATO territories! That is, Eastern and Western Thrace are NATO territories? How can one accept such views when Turkey is trying to take part of our country and insists that the Greek-Turkish border is “disputed”. The adoption of the term “NATO territories” in itself opens up dangerous avenues for the creation of sovereign rights to the detriment of our country.

“NATO is a guarantee if Russia uses nuclear weapons”

Probably the opposite is true: if Russia decides to activate nuclear weapons, then it will “hit” precisely the NATO country. It should also be taken into account that since 2016, NATO has adopted the “Preemptive Nuclear Strike” doctrine. At the same time, during the reign of SYRIZA, there were rumors that the Araxos base was preparing to receive and store nuclear weapons, and there is no guarantee that this did not happen under the pro-American ND.

“NATO is a guarantee against revisionism”

Again, a lie for which you do not have to go far. A NATO member state with the second most powerful army, Turkey publicly admits that it wants to renegotiate its borders with Greece, as formulated in the Treaty of Lausanne. This treaty was “renegotiated” by Turkey unilaterally on its eastern border, following its 2019 invasion of Syria.

In one of the most glorious moments of “revision” in the last 50 years in Europe, in 1974, Turkey, a NATO country, invaded Cyprus. At the same time, NATO not only failed to prevent this invasion, but also helped with the preparation of Turkey for the invasion!

After the collapse of Yugoslavia and the successive wars of NATO and the EU, 6 states were eventually formed: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Skopje, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia! Everyone understands that the borders have been “revised”, as well as the fact that we are talking about some states – protectorates of the United States and NATO!

“Every country is free to choose whether to join NATO or not”

We know very well how most countries join NATO: from the example of Ukraine (it did not join NATO), where a pro-Western climate was created after the coup, to Skopje, which was literally pushed into NATO.

In today’s North Macedonia, only 35% of citizens participated in the referendum held under the Prespa Agreement, and, as the then Prime Minister Z. Zaef stated, the result of the referendum was invalid. Moreover, the opposition emphasized that the calculations were falsified.

At the same time, the vote in the Skopje Parliament on the Prespa Agreement (hence the accession to NATO and the EU provided for by the agreement) took place in an unprecedented atmosphere of blackmail and strange news about “vote substitution”.

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