“Greek journalists don’t need instructions to do their job”

Statement ΕΣΗΕΑsent in response to a Facebook post from the Russian embassy in Athens.

The statement by the Greek Union of Journalists Working for Daily Newspapers and Broadcast Media at News Agencies in Athens (ΕΣΗΕΑ) followed a comment on social media by the Russian embassy in Greece. It emphasizes that any suggestions on where Greek citizens should receive information about what is happening in Ukraine are not welcome. Edition newsbreak.gr quotes:

“The Board of Directors of ΕΣΗΕΑ, together with the entire journalistic world of the country, is following the course of hostilities in Ukraine, which are the result of the Russian invasion. From the very first moment, Greek and foreign colleagues, in difficult conditions, tried to cover events from the fronts of the war and transmit information, as it should be , from all sides and decision centers.

According to Δ.Σ. της ΕΣΗΕΑ, the statements of the Russian embassy in social networks in the form of proposals do not contribute to the efforts of the journalistic sector to provide comprehensive information to citizens. Greek journalists do not need advice, even through selective use of quotes, from any diplomatic mission or other interested parties on how to do their job.

The statement came in response to a Facebook post from the Russian embassy in Athens, suggesting that they watch the report and commenting: “Watch it if you’re looking for something other than false propaganda about the situation in Ukraine.”

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