Yanukovych “presidentially and even a little paternally” turned to Zelensky

The former Ukrainian president, who fled to Russia in 2014, has called Zelensky responsible for stopping the bloodshed in Ukraine.

He called for an end to the bloodshed in Ukraine at any cost. RIA Newsquoting words from Yanukovych’s appeals:

“I understand very well that you have many “advisers”, but personally you are obliged to stop the bloodshed at any cost and reach a peace agreement. This is expected of you in Ukraine, Donbass and Russia. The Ukrainian people and your partners in the West will be grateful to you.”

Viktor Yanukovych is a former prime minister and fourth president of Ukraine. In 2004, he fought for the presidency of Ukraine with Viktor Yushchenko. After the announcement of preliminary results, indicating his victory, the “orange revolution” began in the country. In 2010, Yanukovych overtook Yulia Tymoshenko in the elections and became president. In February 2014, against the backdrop of an acute political crisis, Viktor Yanukovych was removed from power by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. After his escape to Russia, numerous criminal cases were initiated against the former president.

Edition Ukrainian truth yesterday reported: on the afternoon of March 7, information appeared that Yanukovych’s plane took off from Moscow and landed in Minsk. Later in the evening, after the end of the Russia-Ukraine talks, Yanukovych’s plane RA-09617 took off from Minsk.

Informed sources of the publication in the aviation sector confirmed that it was Yanukovych’s plane. According to the information provided by the UP, the ex-president’s plane flew around Russia several times a week, and then landed in Belarus: from Moscow to Orenburg, Orenburg – Moscow, Moscow – Murmansk, Murmansk – Sochi, Sochi – Moscow, Moscow – Sochi, Sochi – Moscow, Moscow – St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg – Moscow and Moscow – Minsk.

According to intelligence sources, as of March 2, Yanukovych was in Minsk. The intelligence noted that the Kremlin wants to make him the “president of Ukraine.”

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