Putin fell into the trap set by the Americans?

Michalis Psilos, a columnist for the influential Greek economic publication Naftemporiki, believes that the United States lured Putin to Ukraine by creating his own Vietnam.

Twenty-four years ago, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former security adviser to several US presidents, made a startling confession: in 1979, Washington had set a trap for the USSR to push the country into invading Afghanistan.

Speaking to the French magazine Nouvel Observateur in January 1998, Brzezinski admitted with the arrogance of a Cold War victor that he had convinced then-President Jimmy Carter to lure the Soviet Union into his own “Vietnam.”

Brzezinski, as well as former CIA director Robert Gates, who confirmed this in his Memoirs, admitted that US intelligence began helping the Afghan Mujahideen six months before the Soviet intervention. “The fact is kept secret that six months before the introduction of Soviet troops into Afghanistan, in December 1979, the then President Carter signed on July 3, 1979, the first directive on secret assistance to the Mujahideen – opponents of the Soviet regime in Kabul,” Brzezinski said, adding cynically: “On that day I wrote a note to President Carter in which I explained to him that, in my opinion, this assistance to the Mujahideen would lead to a Soviet military operation.”

The relentless Brzezinski, in the face of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the weakening and humiliation of Yeltsin’s Russia, made a shocking revelation – I repeat, 24 years ago: “We did not pressure the Russians to invade Afghanistan, but deliberately increased the likelihood of this. This covert CIA operation was a great idea. She led the Russians into the Afghan trap, and you want me to regret it? On the day that the Soviet military officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter in essence: “Now we have the opportunity to give the USSR a“ Vietnam War ”. In fact, Moscow had to fight for almost 10 years a war that became merciless for the regime, a conflict that led to a humiliating retreat and, ultimately, to the collapse of the Soviet empire,” Brzezinski said in 1998. “If I had the opportunity, I would do it again,” he added.

Putin’s “Vietnam”?

The veteran and fanatical anti-Soviet Brzezinski did not live to see today that his “lesson” was imitated in Washington – in the case of Ukraine. The Americans set the same trap for Russia, and President Putin fell into it. They pressured him for a long time with Ukraine’s possible membership in NATO, categorically rejected any offer of security guarantees from Moscow, and in fact pushed Putin into a big mistake: to invade Ukraine so that he would face his own “Vietnam”. After all, even if he captures large territories of Ukraine, control over the country will be almost impossible in the conditions of guerrilla warfare that Russian forces will have to face. It will likely be decades before any information about this scenario is revealed. “The West provoked Putin and Moscow into attacking Ukraine, and then imposed tough sanctions on Russia to destroy it financially. Thus, America and the world elite have achieved their goal: Russia will not be able to build strong economic and political ties with either the European Union or China, and the United States will have only one major rival in the world political arena – China.

Many believe that Putin is a “manic fanatic” and wants to revive the “Soviet empire.” But we could also assume that NATO deliberately led Putin into this corner of the ring, from which he could only get out again by force. It will likely take decades for any information about this scenario to be disclosed. It is also certain that there were already signs that NATO circles were convinced that a military confrontation with Russia was inevitable.

The lesson of two world wars

Russia has never been considered as a potential partner with which to compete peacefully. The West saw in it only a possible threat even after the collapse of the USSR.

In this way, they provoked Putin and Moscow to attack Ukraine, and then imposed harsh sanctions on Russia to destroy its economy. “America and the world elite have reached their goal: Russia will not be able to build strong economic and political ties with either the European Union or China, and the United States will be left with only one major opponent in the world political arena – China,” writes the Budapest newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

And the worst thing for us Europeans is that a new round of the Cold War will once again spread to the old continent, which can last for years…

Over the past 100 years, the world order has changed radically twice, both times after the World War. After World War I, the victors humiliated defeated Germany with the Treaty of Versailles. This gave impetus to the rise of Nazism and what followed. The lesson was learned after World War II. The geopolitical interests of the great powers were taken into account and balanced. Within the framework of the Yalta Agreement, as far as possible. That is why mankind was able to survive a great period in the world.

However, after the collapse of the USSR, the United States was seized by exorbitant ambitions: as the only superpower, in every possible way to “maim” Russia. Which after 30 years again claims the status of a great power. legal and illegal ways. But it will take time for the West to realize that it is time to negotiate a new international order.

Translation by Elena Tokarenko.

A source: naftemporiki.gr

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