Greece urgently launches lignite power plants

Greek State Company ΔΕΗ makes an abrupt, albeit forced, transition to the use of brown coal for pressurized electricity production dizzying rise in prices for natural gas and oil.

According to the Hellenic Energy Exchange, the production of lignite in the structure of electricity production increased to 19.83% from 7% on average last month, the share of natural gas decreased to 47% from 55% on average, renewable energy sources account for 21% of electricity produced and hydroelectric power plants up to 3%.

3.55% is imported electricity and 4.5% is electricity from the Crete interconnection. However, it seems that the increase in the use of brown coal (lignite) is having some effect on the wholesale electricity trade, which today fell to 279 MWh from 344 euros yesterday.

Recall that Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans, Commissioner for the European Green Deal, last week left open the possibility of widespread use of lignite by countries EU as an alternative to Russian gas. “There are no restrictions in this state of emergency,” Timmermans said.

And somewhere, Greta Thunberg, forgotten by everyone, is crying quietly (?) …

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