Almost 10% of EU residents are on the verge of poverty

According to Eurostat data released yesterday, 8.6% of the population EU are on the verge of poverty without sufficient funds for food, and 3.3% of Europeans do not have access to the Internet.

These two indicators predominate among the 13 main points for determining the material and social situation in the European Union in 2020, which were used by the statistical office Eurostat.

According to the latest data, 8.6% of EU residents only once every two days allow themselves fish, meat or vegetarian products as a meal to replace them. They do not have enough money for food, and the percentage of people who are on the verge of poverty varies widely, depending on where they live. The highest is in Bulgaria (54.6%), Greece (36.6%) and Slovakia (36%). The best things are in Cyprus (3.8%), Ireland (3.9%), the Netherlands and Luxembourg (6.6%).

With access to the Internet, too, not everything is safe – Romania is the leader in the list of countries where the population cannot afford it (40.9%). In second place is Bulgaria – 26.6%. The best situation is in Sweden (1.1%), the Netherlands and Luxembourg (1.3%), according to Eurostat.

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