Mass death of wild birds on the lakes of Greece

The announcement by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food comes after hundreds of deaths of wild pelicans in Prespes.

The news that more than 500 silver pelicans were found dead from the bird flu virus in Mikri Prespes caused great alarm. However, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food issued a statement in which it assured that there is no concern about transmission of the avian influenza virus to humanswrites

The death of migratory birds has also been recorded in areas where the lakes of Kastoria and Heimaditida are located. According to the General Veterinary Directorate of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, this epizootic (an epidemic among animals and birds), which has been observed in Europe for several months. In Greece, the disease only appeared in wild birds.

The General Directorate of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Regional Development contacted the competent authorities of the Western Macedonia region and gave clear instructions for the implementation of measures to protect poultry.

Ministry of Rural Development and Food urges poultry owners to pay special attention to the conscientious use of biosafety cages (for bird flu). FROMkeeping poultry is prohibited in open areas (yards, yards, fields, etc.), if the farm is located in areas of the country adjacent to wetlands, rivers, lakes and all kinds of water bodies, where cases of death of migratory birds have been recorded. The authorities of the lakes of the region, especially the prefectures of Kastoria and Florina, environmental organizations and hunting associations, and all competent authorities were also informed about the situation.

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