Why hatred reigned in the world, and favorite artists cause aggression

After the start of the “special operation” in Ukraine, former friends and good acquaintances began to hate each other. Every statement in the networks, especially famous personalities, causes a lot of negativity. What is happening to us?

Psychologist Olya Kiso is trying to comment on the surge of hatred and aggression, to understand its origins and give professional advice. For the second week now, the war has been going on in Ukraine, and netizens have divided into two warring camps. Many artists with millions of followers speak their minds, and their posts instantly gain a huge number of comments. At the same time, a real “massacre” is arranged.

The problem is that the subscribers of their favorite artists, both Russian and Ukrainian, are divided into two camps: some support Russian aggression in the neighboring country, others consider it senseless cruelty. And of course, everyone strives to convince the interlocutor that he is right. Instagram has become a real battlefield in recent days, it is full of hatred and debate, where expressions are not chosen.

Among the Russian stars, Maxim Galkin and Nikolai Baskov, Ivan Urgant and Anastasia Ivleeva, many other pop and film artists managed to express their point of view. Among the not indifferent Ukrainian stars are Anton Ptushkin, Nadezhda Dorofeeva, Andrey Bednyakov and many other actors and musicians.

Since 2008, the Ukrainian series “Matchmakers” has been watched with pleasure by residents of both countries. Yes, and both Russian and Ukrainian artists starred in the tape about the Budko family. Now they were “on opposite sides of the barricades”, although the idyll invariably reigned on the set, and the actors, who became a close-knit family during this time, always treated each other with great respect, writes “Dni.Ru”.

Now artists from Ukraine Anna Koshmal, Marina Serdeshnyuk and Aleksey Kaporin are calling on colleagues and spectators from Russia to take to the streets with slogans. They publish footage of the war raging there on the networks, however, like other photos on the network, they cannot be considered official confirmation of what is happening.

Anna Koshmal (the role of Zhenya Kovaleva) admitted that she simply had neither the strength nor the desire to prove the reality of the events captured in the photo and video, and to beg her Russian colleagues to take any action:

“I wrote in private messages to those whose support I counted on. In response – neutrality or just silence.”

By the way, the Russian-speaking star switched to Ukrainian, referring to her friends and subscribers.

A Russian actor who moved to Ukraine, 43-year-old Anatoly Pashinin, published his appeal on YouTube. He turned to the Belarusians, ignoring the Russians, who, according to him, “have long since become scum” and live in a “wretched country.” And the artist threatened the citizens of Belarus with reprisal:

“Hell awaits you if you stick your head in here. I assure you, our children will spend their entire future trying to punish the perpetrators of this aggression.”

Psychologist Olya Kiso explains why most of us have become so intolerant of each other lately:

“People live in a high rhythm of life, get tired, burn out at work. In principle, we have become more aggressive and stressed. Plus, there is less live communication, everyone has switched to social networks – eye-to-eye contact, hugs, handshakes disappear. And this is an important aspect social life of a person, we all need live communication and love. Hence the hatred, anger, angry comments on social networks at each other.”

We really have a huge number of problems: economic stagnation, social insecurity, family troubles. Almost every woman has experienced violence, but men have experienced just as much. Plus the epidemic, which made everyone hysterical and nervous. And now – war in Ukraine… In such an environment, the only thing that can unite and really destroy all boundaries is understanding and the ability to compromise.

The ability to hear at least your neighbor or interlocutor from the comments. Readiness to discuss any issues, and not a dream of a society where some walk around and bow to each other, and others huddle behind the gates, who were not admitted, who were expelled from here forever, deplatformed. However, sometimes a renegade and a traitor is found among his own, and to the solemn hooting he is symbolically thrown out of the gate, which slams shut forever with a clang …

Write the rest yourself. Luckily comments are not blocked. And sometimes strict moderation – well, look for the reasons in what is written a little higher. And at the same time, it’s worth remembering sometimes what was written a long time ago, even before our birth: “Why are you looking at the speck in your brother’s eye, but you don’t feel the beam in your eye … Hypocrite! first take the log out of your eye, and then you will see how to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Gospel of Matthew.

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