February 3, 2023

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Supermarket in Thessaloniki evacuated after phone call about bomb

Unrest and panic reigned in a supermarket in Thessaloniki after an unidentified person called the store filled with customers to report that the building was booby-trapped. The situation arose on Saturday, March 5 in the afternoon.

According to the publication newsbreak.gr, it was around 2:10 pm when a woman called one of the supermarkets located in the Oreokastro district (Thessaloniki) and said: “We have planted a bomb, and it will explode in half an hour.” Immediately, employees and shoppers were evacuated and the police were also notified.

An investigation is currently underway by Greek law enforcement to determine if the call is a farce (everyone hopes so). A special unit of the Department for the Disposal of Explosive Ordnance of the Greek Police went to the scene to search the premises of the store.

As you know, the modern methodology used by the police, allows you to calculate the caller “joker”, even if he changes his voice and calls from a number that is not automatically determined. Once the identity of the “telephone terrorists” is established, they face severe punishment, including jail time.

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