Russian tourists are advised to refuse to visit countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia

The Russian embassy warns of risks for tourists in Greece, and the press service of Rostourism reports on the recommendations voiced by the head of the department, Zarina Doguzova:

“In connection with the current situation, Rostourism strongly recommends that all Russian citizens who go abroad on tourist and business trips, if possible, refuse to visit countries that have imposed sanctions and restrictions on Russia, since staying in them may carry risks timely and safe return to their homeland.”

Rostourism also strongly recommends that tour operators temporarily suspend sales of tours to those countries that have imposed sanctions:

“We recommend that tour operators suspend sales of tours to countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia, as well as to Caribbean countries, the path to which lies through closed airspace. EU and Canada. Tourists who have booked tours to countries that are not accessible for travel are advised to contact the tour operator to select an alternative destination.

As an alternative, Rostourism advises choosing countries that are open to tourists and have not imposed restrictions against Russia: Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, India, China, Vietnam and others. The agency asks to follow the information of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Tourism Agency and the Federal Air Transport Agency in order to find out in time about the change in the status of current tourist destinations. Some of them, including, for example, several Latin American countries, are no longer accessible due to EU and Canadian airspace restrictions, and the path to them is associated with increased risks. These are Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela.

According to Doguzova, in addition to available foreign countries, you can book a vacation in Russia. Together with the regions and the tourism business, the agency is constantly working to improve the availability and quality of domestic destinations. GreekReporter.

Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy in Athens warned of security risks Russians in Greece, especially tourists, in connection with the broadcast of an anti-Russian rhetoric from Greek officials and local media because of the situation in Ukraine. On Thursday, the corresponding message was published in the Telegram channel of the diplomatic mission:

“In the context of the unprecedented anti-Russian rhetoric from Greek officials and the propaganda campaign unleashed in the local media against our country, there are risks for the security of Russian citizens in Greece, primarily tourists. We urge you to be vigilant, take precautions, avoid unnecessary movements and immediately contact Greek law enforcement authorities regarding possible threats, provocations and actions against personal safety”.

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