Green corridor from Ukrainian Mariupol opens today

The Mariupol City Council announced the beginning of the evacuation of the civilian population. Quiet mode will be set from 9:00 to 16:00.

From 11:00 the evacuation of the civilian population begins. The humanitarian “green” corridor will be the route Mariupol – Nikolskoye – Rozovka – Pologi – Orekhov – Zaporozhye. The evacuation will take place by municipal buses from three locations:

SK “Illichivets” (pr. Nakhimov, 53). Drama Theater (Teatralnaya Square, 1). Kalmius regional administration – (pr. Metallurgov, 193).

During the period of silence (from 9:00 to 16:00), it will be possible to leave the city by private transport along the established route. Drivers leaving the city are asked to contribute as much as possible to the evacuation of civilians. It is strictly forbidden to deviate from the route of the humanitarian corridor.

Mayor of Mariupol Boychenko said earlier that a humanitarian corridor was being coordinated through which the civilian population would be evacuated. The time of the onset of the silence regime near Mariupol is also being agreed upon, the publication reports. “The country”.

Later, RIA Novosti, citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, reported that humanitarian corridors for residents of Mariupol and Volnovakha were opened from 09:00 Kyiv time. The Russian ministry claims that humanitarian corridors have been agreed with Ukraine. The guarantor of the ceasefire regime is the Red Cross.

Our publication also reported that the convoy with refugees from Mariupol successfully crossed the Moldovan border. The operation to evacuate Greek citizens from the Mariupol region, called “Νόστος 3*”, has been successfully completed. The Greek Foreign Ministry reported that the convoy successfully crossed the border with Moldova. Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, on behalf of the government, expressed gratitude to those who contributed to the successful outcome of the operation both on the ground and in Athens under the leadership of Secretary General Themistoklis Demiris.

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