Committed suicide by throwing himself onto the tracks

Yesterday, in the very center of the capital, the movement of trains in the subway again stopped. The reason for the forced delay no longer surprises anyone: a man fell onto the rails at the Kato Patissia metro station. The victim could not be saved.

Previously stopped traffic was restored on the entire line 1 of the Piraeus-Kifissia metro.
According to, last night, Friday, March 4, at the station of the city train ΗΣΑΠ Kato Patisia (downstream to Kifisia), a man fell onto the rails, who allegedly committed suicide.

According to available information, at about 21:30 the fire brigade received a message about a person falling on the rails (Kato Patisia station). The man was under the train, and firefighters who arrived at the scene tried to rescue him. Arriving doctors ascertained the death of a citizen.

The number of people who decide to end their lives under the wheels of a subway train is growing every year, and no way has yet been invented to prevent such suicides. A large part of the people who die on the subway rails do not get there of their own free will. The crush on the station platforms, the stuffiness and the lack of barriers or curbs only contribute to an increase in the number of accidents.
“The metro management has several times considered the possibility of installing barrier curbs along the edges of the platform in the metro. Unfortunately, the conclusions are disappointing. With our passenger traffic and the architectural structure of the station, such barriers cannot be placed. Theoretically, the installation of curbs is possible on new lines, but it is necessary to provide for their presence on design stage,” according to experts involved in this issue.

International experience shows that barriers are not a panacea for solving this problem. “Abroad in many countries there are curbs, but people still fall. In addition, barriers are unlikely to help stop a suicide if he decides to throw himself under a train,” a metro worker shared his opinion.

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