March 31, 2023

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Tax return 2022: Taxisnet opens at the end of March

The competent services of the Independent Government Revenue Authority are rushing to have Taxisnet open by the end of March for the filing of tax returns for 2022 on income for 2021.

The main condition for achieving the goal is the completion of the process of pre-filling all the necessary data in the relevant tax return codes. This is not so easy, as some factors cannot be “speeded up”, for example, having corporate accountants submit payroll data in advance (as the state and insurance funds do) in order to fill in the appropriate codes, writes

This year, of course, the degree of complexity is even higher, as the financial staff decided to expand the codes that the taxpayer will see on their tax return. The list now includes real estate rental income and the intention is to get the VAT return pre-filled.

It is important that the full functionality of the platform is ensured by the beginning of the tax period. The requirement is that all applications are working, so that from the first day individuals and legal entities can fill out and submit their declaration without any problems.

The full operation of the system from the first day Taxisnet opens for filing will play an important role in the implementation of this year’s plan to pay the tax in installments.

Now three two-month payments (which was valid until last year) are dispersed into 8 monthly installments. It is planned that the first installment will be paid in July and the last installment in February. The decision was made in order to “spread out” the obligations of citizens to the state in time and thus improve planning, as well as alleviate the burden, which is always heavier between September and February.

From this year, many taxpayers may fall into the “trap” (tax penalty of 22% for insufficient provision of electronic receipts), as well as the calculation of income tax based on mandatory living expenses (τεκμήρια διαβίωσης).

Taxpayers need to be especially careful not to pay higher taxes on their real income, as in 2020 and in recent years the position τεκμήρια διαβίωσης (living expenses) was “frozen” due to the pandemic. At least 1.8 million taxpayers were called upon to pay higher tax than their declared actual income. The additional tax reached 5.2 billion euros and entailed imputed costs.

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