How to deal with news anxiety

Negative news is difficult to deal with, especially for stressed people. How to alleviate your condition, says psychiatrist Pavel Kachalov.

It is possible that the recommendations of a specialist will help many, if not completely calm down, then at least find peace of mind – growing anxiety in an era of an influx of negative information threatens with serious consequences.

Psychiatrist Pavel Kachalov draws attention to the fact that people who are prone to spring depression and stressed should be especially attentive to themselves. Anxiety has increased significantly against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, a special military operation by Russia began on February 24.

In order not to become a hostage to a depressive or excessively anxious state, the expert advises, you need to be in the fresh air more often. In a closed space, it is much more difficult to cope with negativity, since a person does not have the opportunity to be distracted from the same thoughts of his own. Kachalov says:

“It is desirable to undergo a course of psychotherapy along with this. This is especially true in view of the seasonal deterioration. We know that people’s mental health leaves much to be desired in the spring, especially in terms of depression. Against the backdrop of recent events, people who are sensitive to seasonal depression should definitely seek help.”

Elena Tikhomirova, general practitioner and nutritionist at SM-Clinic, in turn, explained the benefits of eight hours of sleep. When a person falls asleep and wakes up at the same time, his hormonal system works as efficiently as possible. During sleep, the process of fat burning, restoration of the muscular system, restoration of the brain takes place.

Pavel Zhavnerov, a psychologist and specialist in anxiety disorders, recommends that people experiencing problems with sleep and appetite become aware of their sensitivity to anxiety and add physical activity, breathing practices, and seek therapy to their daily routine.

Oleg Surkov, a specialist in panic attacks and anxiety-phobic disorders, and psychologist Svetlana Salpagarov told how to cope with excitement and anxiety. Sometimes it is important to understand that you are not in control of the situation, and to shift attention from the source of anxiety to hobbies, entertainment and pleasant communication, ignoring social networks, the newspaper writes. “News”.

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