Daily Mail: Biden won’t give up Russian oil

The White House is against a total ban on oil imports from Russia, Jen Psaki said. Readers of the Daily Mail were outraged by this statement. One of them accuses America of hypocrisy, others of indifference to the American people.

The White House does not support a ban on Russian oil imports, according to spokeswoman Jen Psaki, despite the fact that even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has joined calls for the US to stop buying fuel from Moscow, the report said. articlelong titled: Biden WON’T ban Russian oil: Press kicked of Cabinet meeting during questions on Russian energy and Psaki snaps at reporters as Nancy Pelosi leads lawmakers urging White House to stop imports – (Biden WON’T ban Russian oil: press kicked out from the room where the Cabinet met during questions about Russian energy, and Psaki snaps at journalists as Nancy Pelosi leads lawmakers urging the White House to stop imports).

“We have no strategic interest in cutting global energy supplies, which would raise the price of gasoline for the American people,” Psaki told reporters on Thursday.

To the question of what should happen “on the ground” in Ukraineto stop the US from buying Russian oil, the spokeswoman objected.

“I don’t know if we are looking at it through this prism. It is obvious that we could not restrain ourselves and took important historical steps that are damaging the Russian economy right now,” she said. “The factor we are looking at here is the impact on the gas station of the Americans. Reduction of supply in the market, reduction of global supply may affect the rise in prices. So that’s the lens through which we looked at it.

Journalists criticized President Biden on Thursday as he took part in a cabinet meeting. “Will you ban Russian oil?” the reporter asked as the press was escorted out of the meeting before the cabinet began deliberations.

“He said no! Let’s go!” Biden’s staffer said as he led the press out of the room. – Not. “He didn’t answer anything,” several reporters can be heard grumbling.

Biden briefly touched on the issue a day earlier when he answered a reporter’s question about Russia’s gas ban: “Nothing is being decided.”

Asked why the White House is not doing more to increase the country’s oil production, Psaki retorted: “There are 9,000 approved oil leases that the oil companies are not currently using, so I’m going to ask them this question.”

“Is there nothing the administration can do to bring these suppliers back to pre-pandemic levels?” Fox News journalist Jackie Heinrich asked Psaki.

— Do you think oil companies don’t have enough money to drill in pre-approved areas? Psaki said, clearly irritated by the question. “I would point this out to them and we can talk about it tomorrow when you know more.”

The spokeswoman ruled out resurrecting the Keystone Pipeline as a means to boost U.S. fuel production. “The Keystone pipeline never ran. It will take years for that to have any impact.”

However, she pushed for more investment in clean energy. “If we invest more in clean energy, if we invest more in other sources of energy, this is exactly what we can do to prevent this from happening in the future.”

“But while we are buying Russian oil, aren’t we financing the war? – Heinrich put pressure on Psaki.

“This is only about 10% of what we import,” Psaki replied.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced a new round of sanctions against the defense systems of Russia and Belarus, as well as export controls on oil refining. However, it removed energy payments from the sanctions list to ensure unhindered fuel trade between the US and Russia.

“The United States, our allies and partners do not have a strategic interest in reducing global energy supplies, which is why we have excluded energy payments from our financial sanctions. But we all have a deep interest in degrading Russia’s status as a leading energy supplier over time,” the White House fact sheet said.

“We have no strategic interest in cutting global energy supplies, which would raise gas station prices for the American people,” Psaki told reporters on Thursday.

Much of Congress has turned to the White House to call for an outright ban as Biden prepares to sanction more Russian oligarchs and their families in response to the invasion Vladimir Putin to Ukraine.

— Deny. Ban oil from Russia,” Pelosi said at a press conference at the Capitol.

“So Nancy Pelosi is with us [по вопросу о запрете импорта российской нефти], which made me wonder what I’m doing?” She’s right!” Sen. Lindsey Graham RS.C. told a press conference on Thursday.

“Putin brings everyone together,” said Senator Joe Manchin.

Russia is the world’s largest oil exporter, selling around 5 million barrels a day around the world. About 60% of these exports go to Europe, 20% to China.

The average price of a gallon of gas in the US has already reached $3.73, and the White House has been struggling for months with inflation not seen in the last 40 years, driven mainly by rising prices in the energy sector. Experts warn that major cities can look forward to $5 a gallon in the near future.

The administration, meanwhile, imposed new sanctions on Russian oligarchs and their families as early as Thursday as the US continues to press on Putin and his allies.

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