"platform of independence" supported the Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Greek political organization “Independence Platform” recognizes the legitimacy of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and calls to support Russia.

The political organization recently created in Greece included Greek lawyers and politicians, public figures and journalists representing not very well-known progressive forces. According to one of the members of the organization, writes GreekReporterthis is a new attempt to achieve Greek independence from NATO and EU. RIA Novosti cites the arguments of the Greek organization, set out in its statement – “Platform” believes that a Russian-NATO conflict is now taking place in Ukraine:

“The West is going through another period of hysteria. This time because of the ‘Russian invasion of Ukraine’. They are trying to control the consciousness in their societies with the help of fragmentary information, disinformation and outright lies, ‘control the narrative’, as they say in their slang.”

On 4.5 pages of its statement, the organization recalls the history of Ukraine, the creation and collapse of the USSR, the Orange Revolution, the decisive role of pro-Nazi groups in it, which during the Maidan were armed by the United States and immediately took over the leadership of the movement, pushing the European “forces”. That is, the statement says, a fascist pro-American junta was imposed on Ukraine, which set NATO membership as its goal:

Zelensky also said that Ukraine intends to acquire nuclear weapons. The danger for Russia was now existential, no one could pretend not to see it when it was combined with Western rhetoric more aggressive than during the Cold War. Russia’s operation to destroy NATO’s military infrastructure in Ukraine is based on Article 51 of the UN Charter. The massive military, diplomatic and informational support of Ukraine by NATO member countries objectively turns the conflict into a Russian-NATO one. Russia is not a strong side in this informal war with NATO. But she is right, because she is fighting for an independent state, because she is the victim of another imperialist attack based on the well-known argument from the Nazi era of expanding Western living space to the East.

The condemnation of the Russian military operation means an alliance with imperialism. Equal distance is to help the strong. In this conflict, if NATO forces win and reach the Russian border, a new war between NATO and Russia will surely follow. The collapse of the Russian Federation and its transformation into a fragmented protectorate is the permanent goal of the West, it achieves it through constant wars and sanctions. This is not in the interests of the peoples. Our interest is a multipolar world, not US global domination. The Greek elite is mobilizing with NATO at the expense of the interests of the country and in this most important issue for our security.

The left-wing parties and organizations that have sunk in, obeying the demands of the Greek elite, are mobilizing to protect Western interests and – albeit cowardly – denounce the victim of American imperialism at this stage. Now it is clear that a completely new opposition is needed in the political arena, which will raise the issue of the country’s independence, its withdrawal from NATO and the EU, and the establishment of equal relations with all actors of the emerging multipolar world.

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