June 10, 2023

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How much coffee is good for the body

Drinking coffee is a good habit as it provides many health and body benefits. But are we following the correct daily intake of caffeine, or are we exceeding the WHO-recommended limit, resulting in sometimes unpleasant effects?

Coffee holds a special place in the hearts and everyday life of the Greeks, being the national tonic drink. According to a published survey, 9 out of 10 Greek adults drink coffee daily. In particular, Attica drinks more coffee (91%) than the rest of Greece, while the 16-24 age group consumes the drink less (70%).

Concerning the consumption of coffee, tea or energy drinks, opinions differ. Many cannot imagine a day without their favorite refreshing drink, others do not like its taste and effect.

And while we often hear about the negative effects of caffeine, more and more research shows that, in fact, if you consume it in the right amount, you will notice positive effects on the body.

moderate consumption

According to the latest research, we can consume up to 4 cups of coffee or energy drinks a day without harming our health. In particular, an intake of 400 mg of caffeine is a safe daily intake for a healthy adult.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which conducted the study, this level of caffeine consumption does not pose a danger to the body if the rest of the person’s daily habits are aimed at a healthy lifestyle.

In no case should you worry if you drink several cups of coffee during the day. Caffeine has some important positive effects, giving you several reasons to include it in your diet. news4health.gr.

The effect of the drink against certain diseases

There is growing evidence that coffee consumption may protect against the development of type 2 diabetes. The evidence is equally encouraging for preventing dementia in the elderly, as caffeine may help preserve cognitive function, thereby delaying or even preventing the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

A recent study also found that those who regularly drank coffee had an 80% lower incidence of Parkinson’s disease than those who did not drink coffee. Drinking two cups of coffee a day may reduce your risk of colon cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and gallstones.

The support you need throughout the day

For decades, scientists have studied the pros and cons of caffeine. The results obtained prove with great certainty that this substance can also be used to improve athletic performance. Those who consume caffeine an hour before a workout have been proven to maximize their performance. This feature is useful for many sports, especially endurance-intensive activities such as cycling, running, or football.

There are even ready-to-drink coffees on the market that are an easy and quick solution for athletes. It can be purchased from the kiosk or convenience store next door and carried throughout the course. A box of iced coffee is the best choice before or after your workout, as you can have it in your bag and drink it whenever you want.

Improving mental state throughout the day

Because the effects of caffeine in coffee and energy drinks are focused on the nervous system, this substance can help reduce sleepiness, boredom, and fatigue, as well as improve concentration, perception, and reflexes.

In addition, caffeine can be a quick tonic when you feel down. In fact, few people know that caffeine on its own can relieve headaches or migraines, and when combined with appropriate painkillers, it speeds up their absorption (which is why we find it in the composition of many drugs).

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