Let’s “throw off” the masks after Clean Monday, what the committee will propose

According to available information, a committee of experts, which meets every Wednesday (measures are announced every Thursday), will consider the possibility that the mandatory wearing of a mask in open spaces will no longer apply.

We remind you that at the moment the use of a mask outdoors is mandatory. However, this measure is about to be canceled, the newspaper writes. dikaiologitika.gr.

A few days ago, Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris mentioned the plans of the government and experts regarding measures to combat the coronavirus. According to him, “at the moment we are not talking about lifting measures for the unvaccinated. However, by the end of March, most of the measures for the vaccinated will be lifted.”

The Minister stressed that “the mask in the open air and distancing are” soft measures “. At the same time, he clarified that “for the unvaccinated, the cancellation of measures is not yet discussed. Now we are talking about lifting restrictions only for those vaccinated. Those who have not been vaccinated have made their choice, which is a danger to themselves and to society.”

“Over the next 6 months, there will be a much better situation in Europe, very close to ‘normal life’, however, preparations are underway in all countries in case the coronavirus returns in the fall,” Health Minister Thanos Pleuris said, reiterating that the return to daily life getting close.

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