Fakes and lies around the war in Ukraine. Part 4

We began to live in a world where the “only correct point of view”, the source of which is either a party or a leader of a country, has disappeared. The more we try to refute someone else’s opinion, the more people hold onto it.

We continue our column “Fake news about the war in Ukraine”. Beginning see part 1, 2, 3

Fake #14 Zelensky’s wife was enrolled in the Armed Forces, but she didn’t even know

A photo of a girl in uniform and with a weapon in her hands, extremely similar to the wife of Vladimir Zelensky, Elena, is circulating on Twitter. The caption reads: The wife of the President of Ukraine defends her country with weapons in her hands!


Making lower quality duck is, frankly, difficult.

Firstly, the photo was posted in Shutterstock, a well-known professional photobank.
There are a few more photos with this girl in the same database.

Secondly, the picture is not at all today’s and not even yesterday’s. The same Shutterstock notes that it was made on August 20, 2021.

Thirdly, the uniform on the girl is not Ukrainian, but Danish. The photo was taken at the rehearsal of the parade dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine. Then everyone who passed by the podium stuck these chevrons on themselves – even Canadians and Czechs.

As a result, we get: this girl is a Danish soldier who participated in the parade on the Independence Day of Ukraine in 2021.

But still, it is worth noting the observation of the authors of this stuffing – the girl is really very beautiful and looks like Elena Zelenskaya. And the president’s wife with a gun in her hands, we have to admit, is very inspiring, definitely no worse than Lukashenka with a gun!

Fake 15: Mariupol came under heavy shelling from Russia. Such video appeared on TikTok and has already gained 4 million views.


In fact, it is not difficult to notice that it is dated 2015. A YouTube video with the same footage confirms this. The video shows the escalation of the conflict between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the separatists of Donbass seven years ago.

Fake 16

At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which is under the control of Russian troops, the radiation background has increased.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


Ukrainian eco-activists claimthat the background is elevated.

Rebuttal: According to the official information The Russian Ministry of Defense, background radiation is normal. Says the same Bulgarian siteconnected to the system for monitoring the radiation background over the whole of Europe, they do not see any excess there.

Moreover, the territory of the nuclear power plant patrolled jointly: the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Ukrainian security battalion – an agreement was reached. Station personnel are working as usual.

Fake 17: The Statue of Liberty has become “Ukrainian”

The Statue of Liberty in the United States was “dressed” in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Such publications distributed in telegram channels.

How really

The Ukrainian flag was indeed hung on the Statue of Liberty. But it is not located in the US state of New Jersey, but in Paris – this is a reduced copy. This information is confirmed publications and in the Ukrainian media.

Fake 18: Russian servicemen are being supplied with expired food rations

Distributed on the net information that allegedly Russian servicemen are being supplied with expired food rations. How really

In the video presented, it is not an army, but a commercial diet, which can be freely bought in an online store, for example here or here. This is not at all what they buy for the armed forces.

Fake 19: Anonymous hackers will hack into Russian banks What is fake about

On March 3, 2022, the Anonymous hacker group will hack the Russian banking system and withdraw all the money from the accounts of citizens – video with such text is distributed on social networks and instant messengers.

How really

Official Twitter The hacker group Anonymous says nothing about this. And here informal the European “sector” of the group even refutes, arguing that hackers are at war with states, but not with people.

But this video is published in the closed telegram chats of the Ukrainian “cyber troops” – this is “creo for arbitration”, that is, specially prepared disinformation for distribution on a commercial basis on Facebook and Instagram.


Our readers have noticed that “Russian Athens” today works through a verification system. This is protection against constant hacking attempts, which have been made by hackers from Ukraine and the USA since last night. Judging by the duration of the attack, the hackers have enough money and resources, which clearly shows the protruding ears of the state intelligence services. The attack began after the publication of an interview with a Greek TV channel about fascists of Azov. Apparently it really bothered them. This publication uses research site Ellinika Hoaxes, kp tg war on fakes

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