US and EU kick out all Russian students

USA and EU take an unprecedented step to expel all Russian students from universities, as reported by Moscow. In fact, the sanctions against the Russian state are turning into the demonization of the nation.

Information about this was spread by the popular Greek edition, in the editorial “Unprecedented: the EU is expelling all Russian students from European universities!”(Πρωτοφανές: Η ΕΕ αποβάλει όλους τους Ρώσους φοιτητές από την ευρωπαΊκά πανεπιαστήμ!)

The same offer was made in the US to 4,500 Russian students, as reported by newrepublic, which headlined a piece on the topic “Heartless and Stupid Plan to Punish Russian Students for Putin’s Invasion”(The Heartless and Stupid Plan to Punish Russian Students for Putin’s Invasion).

According to the authors, this is a “hunt” of the West for the Russian people, and not just for their government.

“Now the Western narrative about Putin’s Russia ceases to exist, as Russian citizens are being ‘hunted’.”

However, there is good news for students. Students expelled from foreign higher educational institutions will be able to continue their studies at leading Russian universities for free, the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science reported. RIA News.

At the same time, not only those expelled, but also those citizens who are subjected to harassment and infringement of rights, can use the right to free education in Russian universities, the press service noted.

Regarding the issue of compensation or refund of money paid for studies, moving and other expenses, the question does not seem to be worth it …

Propaganda leaflets from World War I. More than 100 years have passed, but nothing has changed.

It’s about demonizing the nation

The authors of note that a series of other sanctions are added to this, such as the exclusion of Russian artists from participating in Eurovision, Russian teams in basketball, football and in general in all sports are prohibited from playing with spectators in stadiums and generally participating in game types . (And this is after 4 years of literally genocide by wada. Note. editions).

Not to mention the flight ban, which, in essence, means that Russian citizens cannot visit EU countries (as well as the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.).

“No one can do anything to Russia, either politically or economically, and even more so militarily, so the West is hitting the Russian people,” the author of the publication believes.

“The citizens of Russia are not responsible for the actions of the Russian government. And they certainly do not participate in their planning and do not help her in any way,” the author of the Greek edition summed up.

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