Ministry of Citizens’ Protection: “Greece is open to receive Ukrainian refugees”

This morning, February 28, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Civil Protection regarding the flow of refugees from Ukraine.

As officially reported, in the five days that the Russian military operation is underway, 1,032 citizens of Ukraine arrived in Greece. Minister of Immigration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis declares that our country is “open to accept Ukrainian refugees.”

The meeting was convened by the Minister for the Protection of Citizens, Takis Theodorikakos. According to the estimates of the Greek authorities, the flows are increasing, which requires immediate action on issues related to their acceptance and settlement, the newspaper writes.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister Lefteris Ikonomou, Chief of the Greek Police Lieutenant General Michalis Karamalakis, Head of the Foreigners and Border Protection Division Lieutenant General Dimitrios Mallios and Diplomatic Adviser Sophia Stamateri.

Also discussed were the implementation of the community directive on refugees without biometric travel documents, the problems of minor refugees and their registration, accommodation infrastructure, as well as the implementation of a number of security measures.

Mr. Theodorikakos had a telephone conversation with the Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece, Sergei Sutenko. The Minister stressed that the Greek authorities will do everything necessary to provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees and will be in constant cooperation with the Ukrainian Embassy.

Mr. Mitarakis noted that “all countries EU must necessarily take part in the redistribution of flows from Ukraine, as was the case with refugees from the coast of Turkey. It is important to talk about this now, when we have to help the countries of Eastern Europe.”

The Minister of Immigration presented the provisions of the Temporary Protection Directive, which the European Union is expected to activate as an accelerated entry process for massively displaced refugees. Those who reach the borders of EU countries receive an emergency permit, which entitles them to stay for one year and entitles them to work immediately, he said.

“Many of those who come will have the opportunity to work directly in the agricultural, tourism or other sectors of our country, and this does not deprive them of the right to apply for asylum, but they are subject to this temporary measure, which can be extended.” The reunification of families of Ukrainians with relatives already living in the European Union is envisaged.

The minister noted that, despite the large flows to the countries of Eastern Europe, Ukrainians were received by their friends and relatives, compatriots.

According to the data provided by Poland, there are 170,000 arrivals, but only 1,000 Ukrainians live in the infrastructure provided for accommodation. “In the European Union, no major hospitality centers have been established as we will have additional flows, this is a given that will change,” added Mr. Mitarakis.

This morning, 36 Ukrainian refugees arrived in Athens by bus from Romania, where they had taken refuge. Citizens of Ukraine were met by their relatives.

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