The European Union closes the sky for Russian airlines

A journalist from a German TV channel reports on the decision of the member countries EU close the airspace over Europe for Russian airlines.

On his Twitter, a journalist from the Berlin bureau of the ARD television channel, referring to an informed source, wrote:

“EU countries are closing airspace for Russian airlines, a newly informed source confirmed to me.”

Some European countries have already closed their skies earlier: Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic and Poland. Germany is also going to join them. In response to these actions, the Federal Air Transport Agency began to close Russian airspace.

On the background recognition Russian President DPR and LPR Western countries introduced against Moscow sanctionswrites RIA News. The largest Russian banks (Sberbank, VTB) fell under the restrictions, and for a number of state-owned companies it was difficult to attract foreign capital. Sanctions were also imposed on the supply of high-tech products to Russia, Germany stopped the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and the UK closed flights for Aeroflot.

From time to time there are statements about the disconnection of Russia from the international system of interbank transfers SWIFT. But so far no decision has been made due to the lack of unity on this issue.

The Russian authorities said they had prepared a contingency plan in advance in case of a new wave of sanctions and would provide any necessary support to businesses affected by the restrictions, ensuring the smooth operation of the economy. The government is also developing response measures, but the details are not yet known.

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