Handcuffed robbers who hunted in Thessaloniki

A video appeared in the hands of law enforcement agencies, the footage of which depicts the actions of members of a criminal organization, robbers, completely “cleansing” houses in Northern Greece.

Surveillance video from one of the dwellings they broke into shows two criminals with hoods on their heads, black gloves on their hands and a flashlight, who are searching for valuables. It looks like one of them has a portable intercom transmitter hanging around his neck to communicate with accomplices, writes iefimerida.gr.

4 arrests of members of a gang of robbers that terrify the inhabitants of Thessaloniki

The police arrested 4 members of the organization aged 27, 34, 21 and 38. To date, 20 cases of burglary and 11 license plate thefts have been investigated in various areas of Thessaloniki, Evros and Serres prefectures. The booty of criminals is 69,000 euros.

What was found in the houses of the robbers who broke into Thessaloniki

During the searches carried out in the houses of the accused (in Diavata and in Evosmos), the following were discovered and seized:

the amount of 9285 euros related to their criminal activities, numerous jewelry and jewelry, the legality of which is being investigated, 5 mobile phones that were used for communication in the commission of crimes, a portable intercom module (mini-radio).

In addition, in a closed parking lot in the Evosmos area, the “official” car of the criminals was found and confiscated, inside of which hacking tools and a walkie-talkie were found. 4 cars were also confiscated as a means of committing a crime.

Three of those arrested had previously come to the attention of the authorities and were detained for similar offences.

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