War in Ukraine: one-line news from the BBC and The Insider

The second day of the war in Ukraine is coming to an end, the development of events is closely watched by the whole world. air force sums up this day briefly.

Russian troops are in the northern districts of Kiev, according to Ukraine. Ukrainian military equipment entered Kiev to protect the city from approaching Russian troops. Vladimir Putin calls on Ukrainian troops to overthrow the leadership of his country. The Ukrainian government calls on citizens to make Molotov cocktails and defend the city. The Ministry of the Interior reports that 18,000 weapons (machine guns) were handed over to the volunteers, as well as instructions for making Molotov cocktails. Russian forces have taken control of the Gostomel airfield near Kiev, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The statement claims that 200 Ukrainian special forces soldiers were killed and that there were no Russian casualties — as with other casualty claims, we cannot verify this. Since the beginning of the invasion, about 450 Russian soldiers and 194 Ukrainians, including 57 civilians, have died, the Minister of the Armed Forces of Great Britain told MPs. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports more than 1,000 deaths from the enemy. On an island in the Black Sea, 13 border guards refused to surrender to a Russian warship and were killed. Russia has lost the Champions League final, which is being moved from St. Petersburg to Paris. The Kremlin has said that Russia is ready for talks with Ukraine in Minsk. The focus of the talks will be Ukraine’s declaration of “status neutrality”, which will include “demilitarization”. But there is no evidence that Ukraine will agree to negotiations on this basis.

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