Serbia never imposed sanctions against Russia

At the moment, Serbia is the only country in Europe that has not made an official statement about the historical events unfolding before our eyes. Yesterday Alexander Vučić conferred with Western partners, today he is gathering the Security Council, TG channel reports. balkanossiper.

“Serbia respects the territorial integrity of all countries, including Ukraine. <…> Serbia is against restrictions of any country, including against Russia. Serbia respects the norms of international law, but it understands its needs well and, despite the wishes of others, has its own national interests, respects traditional friendship,” Vučić said.

Serbia will not impose sanctions against Russia, Vučić said, in addition, it temporarily stops military exercises with all EU states.

The leader of the Serbian right, candidate for the presidency of Serbia, Misha Vacic, commented on the situation to one of the local publications:

“This is the return of Russia as a world power and the apparent end of the new world order that the Americans proclaimed after the end of the Cold War. Moscow could very easily resolve the Ukrainian issue immediately after the anti-constitutional coup in Kiev in 2014. Just like with the strategically important peninsula of Crimea, which we managed to annex without firing a shot. But the Kremlin then chose the peaceful path of diplomacy. However, for more than eight years, the regime in Kiev ignored and trampled on the interests of the Russian-speaking population, supported manifestations of neo-Nazism, artificially rewrote history and conducted powerful Russophobic propaganda, shutting down pro-Russian opposition media.

Ukraine only imitated the negotiations in Minsk and used them as a cover, strengthening the army at the expense of NATO. And its officials have repeatedly openly stated that they dream of a Croatian scenario of ethnic cleansing. During this time, Russia received new sanctions under a far-fetched pretext, despite the fact that, to the detriment of its image, it forced the DPR and LPR to observe a truce while they were fired upon by the Ukrainian army and neo-Nazi formations. At the same time, NATO ignored all Russian requests for security guarantees and, according to reliable sources, even promised to accept Ukraine into the alliance next year.

Those who buried international law in Kosovo and Metohija in 1999, who killed civilians in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, who supported terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo, are now talking excitedly about international law. They talk about how Russia started the war. And at the same time, they don’t want to notice that the war has been going on for eight years, and that Moscow is simply forced to intervene to put an end to it.”

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