Mariupol, home to many Greeks, under bombardment

Hundreds of explosions in Mariupol near the port on the evening of February 24. This is a key direction for Russia, which will provide a direct land connection with the Crimea.

Civilians are in shock. A large number of Greeks live in the city. Most of the local residents calmly went to work yesterday morning, not expecting that the war would reach their homes, reports But by evening, heavy shelling left no room for hope.

A Sky News correspondent reports that hundreds of explosions occurred in the area, and civilian casualties were previously reported. He’s writing:

“This is a terrible lightning. The sound of explosions has been piercing the coastal city for several hours. The population is in a state of shock. People simply took root in the ground, not believing in the scale of events, they desperately look at the sky, listening to the noise of war. They suffered in a conflict that they did not start and did not want. Artillery hits Ukrainian positions – lights illuminate the horizon.

A journalist is also in Mariupol OPEN Sotiris Danesis, who narrates:

“During the day, we heard that heavy artillery was shelling Ukrainian positions in an attempt by Russian speakers to break through Ukrainian positions. Mariupol is under siege, it is being shelled, and no one knows what will happen when dawn comes.”

Residents of the city are in confusion and panic, especially those who have children in their arms. One of the women asks in despair: “Martial law? There will be panic. Where to hide children? There are no shelters. There is nothing. It’s an open space, where should I go?”

On the official website of Mariupolas of 00:00 on February 25 it is reported:

In Mariupol without significant changes. The situation is stable and controlled by the Ukrainian military.

Water supply. Pumping and water conduits continue to operate normally. Heat supply. Boilers continue to operate normally. Electrical supply. 34 transformer substations remain disconnected in Levoberezhny (22) and Kalmiussky (12) districts of the city. DTEK is not allowed to be eliminated. Housing stock. There is no information about new damage to the housing stock. Healthcare. The situation is unchanged. During February 24, 2022, 35 people (9 severe, 26 moderate) were admitted to the Regional Intensive Care Hospital, 15 of them from Mariupol, including 3 people from Talakovka. As of 00.00, 11 people are still in the hospital, including 9 seriously. In City Hospital No. 1 – no changes: 5 adults (1 severe, 4 moderate). In MTMO – 1 child (medium severity). There are 2 residents of Mariupol in City Hospital No. 4: 1 is severe, 1 is of moderate severity. In total, 23 people were injured in Mariupol, incl. 3 people from Talakovka. The houses of the institutions are not damaged, all healthcare institutions have been transferred to an enhanced mode of operation (24/7), the readiness and provision of medicines and dressings is 100%.

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