Explosions and fire in an apartment building in Kiev

The bloody military operation in Ukraine continues for the second day. Early Friday morning, at about 4 am, explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital.

Two powerful explosions thundered, according to Reuters and Interfax, in the city center. Kiev is under siege by Russian troops for more than a day. Anton Gerashchenko, Deputy Interior Minister of Ukraine, tells Telegram:

Attacks on Kiev by Cruzes or ballistic missiles have resumed. Heard two loud explosions.

During yesterday’s first attacks, a Kruz missile, according to official sources, hit a military base in the city of Brovary, not far from the capital, killing six people.

Recall that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called on the citizens of the country for general mobilization in order to protect Ukraine from Russian soldiers. Meanwhile, thousands of Ukrainians spent the night in shelters. The president said this morning that 137 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed and hundreds wounded.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Russian plane in Kiev early this morning. When falling, he crashed into a residential multi-storey building, causing a fire, AMPE reports the words of Gerashchenko. However, it is not yet clear whether it was an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or a fighter jet. newsbeast.gr

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is “convinced” of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions to overthrow the Ukrainian government. On the ABC television channel, the head of American diplomacy said that Moscow would “attack the capital and other major cities”:

“We are seeing forces coming from the north, east and south, and this is the plan that we have been communicating to the world in recent weeks. But in the short, medium or long term, I am confident that Ukraine’s democracy and independence will prevail.”

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