Anonymous contributed to the condemnation of the war

Anonymous cyber activists have declared war on Putin in retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A group of hackers, via their Twitter account, announced on Thursday that a “cyber war” is starting in Russia. “The Anonymous Collective is also officially engaged in a cyberwar with the Russian government,” the statement said, according to the Greek publication.

Half an hour later, Anonymous announced that they had “broke down” the website of the Russian TV channel Russia Today. RT confirmed the attack, stating that some pages loaded slowly and others closed completely for a “long time”. So who are Anonymous?

Birth of the “hacktivist” movement

The core of Anonymous appears to have been formed by members of the forum in 2003. The movement is said to have taken its name from the internet’s ability to allow users to post information or personal comments without revealing their identity (anonymously). Since then, Anonymous have become cyber activists. Their priority is free access to information available on the Internet.

According to hackers, thanks to their attacks, ordinary citizens are able to access information that was deliberately hidden. In addition, the movement organizes demonstrations, advocating for free information, and opposes the “barriers” that prevent citizens from accessing it.

“We are anonymous. There are many of us. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Wait for us,” the hackers threaten in their messages. “Anonymous can be any of the citizens who are among you,” they emphasize. remains unchanged for a long time, but constantly changes, enriches and transforms.

Anonymous is estimated to have over a million members today, and according to the information, their association with the Occupy Wall Street movement is taken for granted.

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