The Communist Party of Greece condemned the imperialist war in Ukraine

The Communist Party of Greece opposed the war in Ukraine by issuing an appropriate appeal, which was also signed by the Communist Parties of Spain, Turkey, and Mexico. Earlier, the Greek communists opposed the recognition of the LDNR.

“No to the imperialist war in the Ukraine! An independent struggle is needed against the monopolies, the bourgeoisie, for the overthrow of capitalism, for the intensification of the class struggle against the imperialist war, for socialism!

1/ The Communist and Workers’ Parties signing this joint statement oppose the imperialist conflict in Ukraine, which is one of the consequences of the tragic situation in which the peoples found themselves after the overthrow of socialism and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Both bourgeois and opportunist forces found themselves in an awkward position, which for many years fought against the USSR, and recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of its collapse, hushing up the fact that the restoration of capitalism marked the abolition of the historical gains of the working people and the return of the peoples of the USSR to era of class exploitation and imperialist wars.

2/ The events in Ukraine, taking place on the basis of monopoly capitalism, are connected with the plans of the United States, NATO, EU, their intervention in the region in the conditions of fierce competition of these forces with capitalist Russia in the struggle for control over the markets, raw materials and transport networks of the country. The clashing imperialist powers conceal these aspirations under various pretexts such as “defending democracy”, “self-defence” and the right to “choose alliances”, respecting the principles of the UN or the OSCE, or allegedly under the pretext of “anti-fascism”, deliberately tearing fascism away from the capitalist system, generating and using it for their own purposes.

3/ We condemn the activities of fascist nationalist forces in Ukraine, anti-communism and the persecution of communists, discrimination against the Russian-speaking population, the military operation of the Ukrainian government against the people of Donbass. We condemn the fact that the Euro-Atlantic forces are using the reactionary political forces of Ukraine and even fascist formations to carry out their plans. At the same time, the anti-communist rhetoric against Lenin, the Bolsheviks and the Soviet Union, which the Russian leadership uses to justify its strategic plans in the region, is unacceptable. However, nothing can tarnish the enormous contribution of socialism in the Soviet Union, which was a multinational union of equal socialist republics.

4/ The decision of the Russian Federation to first recognize the “independence” of the so-called “People’s Republics” in the Donbass, and then to carry out a Russian military operation under the pretext of Russia’s “self-defense”, as well as the “demilitarization” and “defashization” of Ukraine, was not taken to protect the people of the region and the world, but to promote the interests of Russian monopolies on the territory of Ukraine in their fierce competition with Western monopolies. We express our solidarity with the communists and the peoples of Russia and Ukraine and support them in strengthening the front against the nationalism cultivated by every bourgeoisie. The peoples of the two countries, who lived peacefully and did great things together within the USSR, like all other peoples, are not interested in taking the side of this or that imperialist, this or that alliance serving the interests of the monopolies.

5/ We note that dangerous are the illusions that bourgeois forces sow that Europe could have a different “better security architecture” with the intervention of the EU or that NATO could be “without military plans and offensive weapons systems on the territory of its countries – members”, or “peaceful EU” or “multipolar world”, etc. All these conjectures have nothing to do with reality and are aimed at disorienting the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist struggle, since their goal is to cultivate the notion of the supposedly possible existence of “peaceful imperialism”. However, the truth is that NATO and the EU, like any capitalist interstate union, are wolf unions that are deeply reactionary in nature, they cannot become pro-people, they will continue to act against the rights of workers and peoples, like capitalism, inextricably linked with imperialist wars.

6/ We call on the peoples of those countries whose governments, in particular through NATO and the EU, are involved in the course of events, as well as the people of Russia to fight the propaganda of bourgeois forces that are pushing peoples into the meat grinder of imperialist war under various pseudo pretexts. Demand the closure of military bases, the return of armed forces located abroad, the intensification of the struggle for the withdrawal of countries from imperialist plans and alliances such as NATO and the EU.

7/ It is in the interests of the working class and the popular strata to approach the analysis of events on the basis of class criteria, to outline their own path of struggle against the monopolies, the bourgeoisie, for the overthrow of capitalism, the intensification of the class struggle against the imperialist war, for socialism, which remains relevant and necessary more than ever.”


Communist Party of Greece
Communist Workers’ Party of Spain
Communist Party of Mexico
Communist Party of Turkey

Note. editorial: There is no signature of the Communist Party of Ukraine, since it was banned 7 years ago.

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