Russian vehicles enter from several directions, there are casualties

From Belarus in the north and Crimea in the south, as well as in the east, in the region of Kharkov and Luhansk, military equipment invades Ukraine.

Russian forces have launched a major military offensive into Ukraine with reports of rocket attacks and explosions in major cities. air force: “The attack seems to be coming from all directions.”

A Western intelligence assessment 10 days ago said that in order for Russia to launch a successful attack on Kyiv (from the north), the most combat-ready military units of Ukraine (in the east, facing the Donbass) must be surrounded and / or neutralized . Real-time data indicates that the attack is coming from all directions.

The toughest sanctions Russia has ever seen are reported to the British media by British Deputy Foreign Secretary James Cleverley – Britain is pushing an unprecedented and coordinated package of sanctions. They come into effect today, and more sanctions will be announced in the coming days. He also said:

“These will be the largest and harshest sanctions Russia has ever seen. Ukrainians need to know that the UK is backing them. The UK will provide ‘direct assistance’ to Ukraine in defending their country. Vladimir Putin has long planned this. This is an invasion, and it is unprovoked and unjustified.”

Seven people died as a result of the Russian bombing, according to the Air Force, citing Ukrainian police data. As a result of the bombardment by Russian troops, seven people were killed. Official data show that as a result of an attack on a military unit in Podolsk near Odessa, six people were killed and seven were injured. Nineteen people are also missing. One person died in Mariupol, the department added.

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