The Committee of Experts decides which measures will be lifted in the near future

What will change for the inhabitants of Greece in the near future, today the committee of experts will decide. Will masks be cancelled?

The new stage of the “Plan for Freedom” from the pandemic will be discussed today, and many are counting on the abolition of the annoying masks. According to available information, the removal of the mandatory wearing of a mask outdoors will be considered. “On the table” at the experts and the question of social distance.

Many experts are against canceled masks, considering this measure premature. But even they agree that no later than the beginning of March, we will walk on the streets without an accessory that bothers everyone, writes

As in all Europe, where countries, one after another, are relieved of the precautionary measures that have bothered everyone, Greece is following the path of lifting coronavirus restrictions day by day. This new course, the government and experts believe, will lead us to a normal life. And the direction was proposed by Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, who showed how we should move on.

One of the main factors in stabilizing the epidemiological situation, strange as it may seem, is the Omicron strain. In vaccinated people, it causes only mild symptoms, and even now, with a large number of new infections daily, the mortality from it is much less than from the delta mutation.

However, Professor Tsiodras draws attention to the epidemic surveillance of the coronavirus, as it will be with us for a long time, and to the increase in vaccination coverage. Care should also be taken not to increase the number of hospitalizations, especially in intensive care units. The professor hopes the worst is over:

“We are not at the end of the coronavirus story, but we may be at the end of what we call the emergency phase.”

From now on, the “road map” of Greece, like other European countries, will be the movement in accordance with the “Freedom Plan” towards the normalization of our lives and the abolition of pandemic restrictions.

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